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Eco Solutions X-tex Textured coatings remover

Eco Solutions  X-tex Textured coatings remover
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X-Tex allows the removal of textured coatings such as *Artex without causing dust from harmful asbestos fibres. Formulated by Eco Solutions from the most advanced, patented water-based technology using " SCIENCE NOT SOLVENTS". Some plaster-type textured coatings (mainly sold before the mid-1980's) may contain harmful asbestos fibres, Minimal VOC content (0.000004%, rtified by independent laboratory detection test) (*registered Trade Mark of BPB UK Ltd) Product Features Water-based - "Tough not toxic"- Non Hazardous - Non Toxic - Non Caustic - PH Neutral - No Fumes - No Skin Burns - Non Flammable - Non Combustible - Product requires no ventilation - Clings 100% t surfaces - Keeps wet for long periods - No "R" (Risk) or "S" (Safety) phrases

Available in 2.5 litre, 5 litre and tubs

Typical Performance Textured Coatings such as Artex takes only 15-30 minutes - Textured Coatings plus 1-2 layers paint up to 1 hour - Multi-layered paint over textured coatings 1 hour to overnight

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