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Eco Solutions Grime Go Degreaser

Eco Solutions Grime Go Degreaser
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Grime Go!™ is a unique product with a myriad of dierent applications to tackle the toughest jobs around the workshop, office, garage, etc. – fast! Our water-based formula, developed from our original world-leading innovative technology. Removes - all types of grease, oil, dirt, stains, adhesive residues, paint splashes too! - preparing surfaces for re-painting or just to clean and brighten the substrate. Can be used indoors and out – no need to ventilate the work area –and can be used without gloves or a mask. This water-based product is free of VOCs, acids, alkalis, and any hazardous solvents. Grime Go!™ is the perfect preparation product

size 750ml and 4lt

Degreases & De-waxes - Removes Stains - Grime, mould, dirt & much more - Ideal for surface preparation - No fumes, no skin burns, no abrasives - Non toxic

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